Empowering Musical Experiences

At Moodstir, we believe in the power of music to create unforgettable moments. Our AI powered DJ is designed to curate the perfect playlist for your venue, adapting to the atmosphere and connecting with your guests to enhance their experience.


Moodstir's journey began with a couple simple questions... If I don't like this music, how many others do? I'm the customer here, shouldn't I like the music? Do other customers feel the same?

With the rise of AI technology, we saw an opportunity to create a DJ service that could create a unique atmosphere in any venue, while also connecting with and entertaining its guests.  Today, Moodstir is proud to offer this unique service, allowing guests to influence the music experience without giving up control of the vibe in your venue.

Our skilled team is on a mission to continuously improve and add features to our service. Soon, you will be able to incorporate gaming into your venue or event and interact with your guests over the sound system, just as a live DJ... stay tuned!


Our Team

Meet the talented individuals behind Moodstir

Brian Carmichael
Founder & CEO

Brian is a music enthusiast and technology development expert, leveraging a career leading talented teams developing state of the art solutions within the defense industry.

Will McDowell
AI/ML Expert & CTO

Adam Cuellar
AI / ML Engineer

Adam is a dedicated AI research engineer with a robust background in the defense sector. Specializing in advanced computer vision, large language models, and large multimodal systems.

Christian Burke
Application Designer

A musician and seasoned software developer, Christian, enjoys building complex applications with creativity and expertise.

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