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Learn how Moodstir's AI DJ creates the perfect music experience for your venue.

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Setting up Moodstir at a new venue

Step One

Click sign up to begin. We will provide a link for you to get Soundtrack Your Brand, where you will install their app on your android, iOS or windows device.

Step Two

Register your Soundtrack Your Brand subscription with MoodStir or create a new subscription through MoodStir.

Step Three

Create your 'scene' through MoodStir's web interface (this sets the atmosphere MoodStir will maintain for you)

Step Four

Start Session... Really, it's that easy.


Adapting Music to Create Unforgettable Guest Experiences

Moodstir uses cutting-edge AI technology to analyze guest interactions and adapt the music selection in real-time. By understanding the mood and preferences of your guests, Moodstir creates a unique and unforgettable atmosphere that keeps them engaged and entertained throughout their visit. Whether it's a lively party or a relaxing lounge, Moodstir ensures that the music always matches the vibe of your venue.

Discover the Perfect Soundtrack

Experience Moodstir's AI-powered DJ that adapts to your venue and connects with your guests.